This is an excellent App for everyone, even the most confident speaker of English can make mistakes when it comes to grammar. Specially those who are leaners of English, that are trying to improve their writing skills to a higher level of proficiency who face difficulties. This is a great App have when you have uncertainties about a grammatical issue or even if you need someone to prof read your work or check for spelling errors, this can all be done using Grammarly

It can’t be anymore simple than it is, all you have to do is copy and paste your text, and Grammarly will check through the work for any errors and variety of different criteria before giving you a detailed feedback. Grammarly show of possible errors and gives recommendations which you can then chose to change or leave then as they are.

It also has a questions blog ‘Grammarly answers’ which can be a very interesting read for those who wish to further their knowledge in Grammar and error correction.
Grammarly gives you reasons to why the grammar requires amending, by using this regularly can help you to improve your understanding of the rules of English grammar.

Another great feature Grammarly can be beneficial for is that it give you ideas for synonyms to substitute some of the words you may over use.

Lastly, Grammarly is also a very useful to check for plagiarism, so if you are writing a piece of work, such as an assignment or a or dissertation and you are worried that you may not have cited all your sources, Grammarly can check through the work and it can find and link back to any online source you may have missed.



HelloTalk – A language learning community on your mobile




I’ve always found interesting the idea of language interactions and peer learning as it tends to be driven by and through an authentic desire to communicate.
HelloTalk is a brilliant illustration of this, but with many features to make the process mobile and more efficient. A free app that you can download on mobile devices. Once registered and you have created a profile, you can then find partners to exchange languages with.

After registering on the app, and you have created a profile and choosing which language you speak and which language you are interested in learning, you can then search for partners. By clicking on search at the bottom of the screen, it will display the people on the site. You can type in a specific name or email address to search for someone you know. You can also customise your search to specific age, level, nationality and you can even search for people from a specific city.
Once you have found suitable partners, you can start conversing with them, and things start to become interesting. The app allows you to send texts or video messages.

Some other features include sending images or doodles using a drawing pad. These features open the app to another level of interaction as it allows you to share and engage in more interesting content to talk about.


Another great feature on this app is it allows you to play games like Pictionary or as mentioned above using the doodle pad to draw images and explain vocabulary.

If your partner makes a mistake in their text you can correct them. Just press down on their message text then write in the corrected version of their text beneath the mistake and your partner will be able to see their version and the corrected version. You can even add an explanation comment. All of the corrections are automatically saved into a separate area of the app and you can go back and revise and check them.

The app also has a feature that translates your messege if and when it is required. For example, if you don’t know how to express what you want to say then this feature can be very useful.

I’ve been using HelloTalk for a few days now, mostly with my friend, who is teaching me Turkish, and I most say I really like it. I feel like this learning tool and the recording feature has helped me to review my conversations and enabled me to reflect on our interactions and also as revision.

I’m enjoying using HelloTalk now. I hope you find it useful too.


Learn online with Madina Arabic



This is a free online course for those who are wishing to learning Arabic. In my view, I would say it is a very well put together language course that helped me see a visible improvement in my Arabic. I wouldn’t rely on this alone for your language learning, but rather I think it could be a very useful part of a balanced language routine.

I’ve been studying Arabic for a few years on and off. I wouldn’t say I’m a beginner, but I can say i have a very long way to go yet. I used this online course nearly every day for nearly two months and completed a total of 50 lessons out of 110 that are available.

In the course, you progress through a series of lessons, each of which contains a series of sub-lessons.

Each lesson is made up of the following:

  • New vocabulary words
  • Grammar
  • Dialogue
  • Review and drilling

The lesson functions very well as one cohesive unit, with the new vocab, grammar and dialogue appearing up repeatedly throughout the lessons.

Each lesson can take up to 15-20 minutes depending on you . The instruction is very similar to traditional foreign-language class, but I would say it is a little faster paced and a lot more systematized

For a piece of software, it is very intuitive, and it is designed in a very attractive way to draw learners in and keep them interacted.

Arabic grammar is tricky, and some books I’ve bought to help me have not really been that helpful. The grammatical explanations are as good as or better than anything I’ve come across elsewhere.

The review feature is a list of the vocabulary words that have been learned in the lessons. It drills you on these words, number of times. This is very effective for long term memory.

The lessons are paced very well, and you can progress a lot quicker than you do with some other programs, such as Rosetta Stone, but not so fast that you’re sacrificing any retention.

How students can use technology to improve their English





With the rise of tablets, iPads and e-readers like the Kindle, we have become habituated to a more interactive reading experience, which is a excellent feature for English learners. Functions like vocabulary builders, click and define and downloading texts at the touch of a finger are all very beneficial for learner who are seeking for a fun and effective way to progress and improve their reading and writing in particular. This can help to develop the learners vocabulary and expose them to different sentence structures.


Basic tools like a dictionary can help writers develop their vocabulary, also spelling and grammar-checkers are likewise very useful to find and correct errors. The internet age and online forums are a very commonly used by learners to communicate and learn from each other using the written word. This is a great substitute for those who do not have the opportunity to communicate with a native speaker in person.


Listening to and reading text at the same time is a great way to start and Kindle’s Whisper sync for Voice technology is designed for just this purpose. This includes audio with some of the books, which can be listen to and followed as it is being played.
Podcasts have likewise become very popular with English language learners, this allows you to listen anytime, anywhere and also it is very good way to improve listening skills.


Learners having the opportunity to communicate with speakers of English in real time conversations is probably the most exciting technological advancement that has come in the form of Skype and Facetime.


Technology to Enhance Teaching & Learning

Technology to Enhance Teaching & Learning

Social Media

Students are already engaged with social media outside of class, so bringing it into the classroom is sure to immediately grab attention. You can use Facebook or Twitter to post a topic for discussion and get all students involved and interacting with one another. It’s an easy way for them to share resources and help each other out.



Having students post their work in blogs is a great way to allow students to display all their hard work. Students can help each other out by posting comments and suggestions for each other.



Podcasts make great learning tools for students especially when it comes to time for studying. You can easily create and post podcasts for students who want to review or were absent so every student has the opportunity to view it.screen2bshot2b2014-10-292bat2b2-25-412bpmVideo Streaming

If a picture says a thousand words, imagine how many words a video says. Video in classrooms can really help create a clearer and more complete picture for students. YouTube is a great tool for this, to complement possibly any lessons you need more knowledge of.